This year at the NZIBS Annual Conference we have 4 Workshops running on Saturday morning from 8.35 am and concluding at 10.50 am, so we will stop a little later for morning tea on Saturday morning than previous years!


We are very pleased and excited to have 4 excellent presentations lined up which are:

Workshop 1 by GIB - GIBĀ® innovations and the new Tauranga Facility

Continued BRANZ certification and delivery of market leading products is paramount to Winstone Wallboards Ltd.  This presentation will cover the approach taken in preparation for the manufacture of GIBĀ® products at the new production facility, currently under construction in Tauranga.

Workshop 2 by Resene - Central Barrier Intertenancy walling

This Workshop will take you through the development of the INTEGRA central barrier intertenancy system - including fire and acoustic testing of the system. 

Workshop 3 by Global Survey - Using laser scanners to create a digital twin as a platform to connect asset data

Expectations are continually changing around the ability to make better decisions, more complex decisions, faster and with a higher degree of reliability.  Better decision making requires better data that is more complete, easier to understand and supports better communication and visualisation.

Accurate 3D site data is the cornerstone of modern digital workflows. Modern 3D Imaging Laser Scanners can quicky and easily capture the size, geospatial location and condition of physical assets. This rich and accurate 3D data can be easily shared with stakeholders, enable virtual site visits, collaboration across building professionals and form the basis for highly efficient building investigations, assessments & maintenance planning.

This workshop will allow participants to get hands on with 3D laser scanners and learn how 3D point clouds and panoramic images can be captured and enriched with geo-referenced tags containing notes, pictures, videos and more.

Workshop 4 by Stamford Insurance - PI insurance market update and tips for effective policy renewal

This workshop will tell you what you ought to know about the New Zealand professional Indemnity insurance market.  You will hear what the professional indemnity insurers are saying to the market and pick up some tips on how to make your renewal submission stand out from the pack.


All attendees will have the opportunity to participate in all 4 Workshops!