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1 08, 2018

Words from the President

I often consider how technology can be used to improve building assessments and the end result for clients.  It’s too easy to invest in technology and eventually discover that all you have accomplished is to change the way things are done, but not actually improve anything.  Like any aspect of business, it is important

1 08, 2018

New legal partnership with NZIBS: expertise of a large firm, only more personal

As their name suggests, Morrison Kent Lawyers specialises in a wide-range of services including dispute resolution, insurance, business and employment. But it’s not just the commercial aspects they specialise in either, as they provide expertise in more personal matters like family, trusts and estates, and property. Morrison Kent partner Michael Wolff says while the

1 08, 2018

Qualified experts manage building industry’s hazardous substances

Asbestos has raised its ugly head once more in mainstream media of late, from toxic student flats to a property developer being jailed for using an asbestos contaminated landfill. With the material still an ever-present danger within the construction industry, Maynard Marks director and Registered Building Surveyor Trevor Jones offers some sound advice. “Don’t

1 08, 2018

Mentor encourages a career change with wide ranging benefits

It was with a building background that Phil Tolley took some sound advice from a mentor and began the journey to become a Registered Building Surveyor. Relocating to Christchurch from Wellington eight years ago, he had been undertaking high-end residential construction – a skill generally outside of the level of your average builder. Moving

1 07, 2018

Pre-purchase inspections need to step up to address the healthy homes issue

“Cold and damp houses are not acceptable, no matter who lives in them,” says the President of the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors, Darin Devanny. While Mr Devanny commends the government’s efforts to transform New Zealand’s poor rental housing stock to a healthier standard, he says the issue goes beyond rental housing. “It

1 07, 2018

Seasoned professional excited about future of the industry, thanks to NZIBS training

The New Zealand Institute of Building Surveying (NZIBS) training is beneficial for transitional Institute members because of the collective knowledge base it provides. “Your trainers are the people who pioneered what building surveying in New Zealand is today, they’ve come straight from the tools to the courtroom, and have real-world experiences behind them.” While

1 07, 2018

Building surveying construction industry’s crème de la crème

When asked why Warren Nevill believes building surveyors are the apex of the construction industry, he points to their intense depth of knowledge. “We’re trusted due to our deep understanding, knowledge and skills that are required to provide advice to the rest of the industry.” These are the kinds of benefits one can expect

1 07, 2018

Is PMV the future of construction?

Prefabricating homes could be the key to reducing New Zealand’s housing shortage and delivering the much-needed, sustainable and affordable roofs over our heads. So says New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors (NZIBS) executive member, Heather Crilly. “From kit houses ready to move into within weeks of delivery to site, to multi-storey office buildings fully