In order to maintain Transitional and Registered Membership of the Institute, members are required to make a commitment to a prescribed number of hours of recognised CPD study.

Members are required to undertake 25 hour equivalents of CPD study in each year period prior to each annual renewal of their membership.

The “hour equivalent” is the formal time period adopted to measure the progress of members in this area.


Members are required to complete an entry on the online CPD diary on the Institutes website for each group of hour equivalents claimed (i.e. a member claiming hour equivalents of CPD time for attendance at the NZIBS Annual General Meeting, would need to make an entry in his/her CPD diary to have that time allowance approved).

An electronic CPD diary log shall exist for each member on the Institutes website under individual members profile/log-on. Time may be recorded for CPD activity during the course of the year as CPD is completed. CPD diary logs shall be marked as complete and be submitted annually for approval by the Institute’s Executive. These shall then be reviewed in detail to ensure the activity completed and the time claimed has met the standards set by Executive.


The satisfactory completion of the CPD requirement will form the basis upon which the annual Practicing Certificate will be issued.

NZIBS  Regulation 4 - AMP programme (page 3-6) has been instigated on a mandatory basis on the understanding that those with whom we deal, both within and outside the industry, can be assured that the Institute’s members are kept informed of new methods, products and technologies as they become available and the Member’s competencies are being adequately maintained.

For further information on how to complete your CPD online in the members section please call Noeline Clark –
Mob: +64 27 281 2758 or 0800 113 400

You can review the full Annual Membership Programme here:

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