The Institute is committed to the highest standards of professional conduct on the part of its Members, who shall at all times conduct themselves in such a way that the professionalism of the Member and the Institute is upheld.


  1. Instructions received from the client, or the client’s agent, shall be confirmed in writing from the client and/or confirmed back in writing in sufficient detail to avoid any misinterpretation.
  2. Members shall provide the client, or the client’s agent, with a Consulting Agreement that includes Specific Terms and Conditions of Contract and specifies the services to be provided by the Member, unless a formal term contract or agreement is in place for the provision of services.
  3. Note: The Institute has produced a standard template that Members may utilise. Copies of this can be downloaded from the Members section of the website under Consultancy Services Agreement.
  4. Members’ professional services should be relevant, accurate, and address the requirements and needs of the client.
  5. Members shall only undertake work within their area of expertise and competency.

Conflict of Interest

Members must not involve themselves, or alternatively shall remove themselves, from any situation having a conflict of interest.


No member shall:

  1. Accept any secret trade discount, commission or allowance in connection with any service for which they are engaged;
  2. After acceptance of an engagement, terminate the contract without just cause thereby failing to fulfil their professional obligations; or
  3. Accept engagement as a building surveyor and divulge to another person, firm or company any information of a confidential nature relating to the business activities of the client, without the expressed permission in writing; or
  4. Conduct themselves in such a manner as to prejudice the profession of building surveying, or the status or reputation of Members of the Institute; or
  5. Obtain registration by misrepresentation as to their eligibility or qualifications; or
  6. Be guilty of reprehensible conduct either in the practice of their profession or at a meeting of the Institute; or
  7. Use any professional designation by description or initials to which they are not entitled; or
  8. Be entitled to remain a member having been convicted of a serious criminal offence.


Any breach of this Code of Practice shall render the Member open to the disciplinary procedures of the Institute under Regulation 3.

September 2014

All enquiries should be in writing and addressed to:
The Secretary,
New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors Inc.
PO Box 1283