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The New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors Inc. has one class of full membership – Registered Membership.

There are two earlier stages that may lead to Registered Membership, these stages are;

Student Membership

Student Membership is open to all those currently studying for a construction related qualification. Student Membership is not open to those that are in full time employment.

When a Student Member starts working full time they must relinquish their Student Membership and apply for Transitional Membership if they wish to remain within the Institute.

Transitional Membership

If you are successful in your membership application you will be offered Transitional Membership.

Transitional Membership is a preliminary stage of membership for all those that apply for and are in the process of completing requirements to become a full Registered Member.

Transitional Members must be actively practicing as Building Surveyors in New Zealand and must complete the Institute’s assessment of professional competence process to progress Registered Membership.

Period of Transitional Membership

Except at the discretion of the Executive, the minimum period of Transitional membership is 18 months and the maximum period is 5 transitional consecutive years from the date of acceptance. After transitional consecutive 5 years the member must reapply for membership and face an interview as required by clause 3.2.

The maximum period of Transitional Membership is five (5) calendar years from the date of acceptance.

As of 1st June 2015 if your five (5) calendar years transitional membership has lapsed you will need to be reassessed and this may mean you need to be re‐interviewed.

Please note:

As a NZIBS Transitional member you cannot use the NZIBS logo or communicate or list this as a qualification and must abide by Regulation 1 (membership) in this regard.

Only Registered Members can use the Institute’s initials/logo. Student, Transitional and Retired members are not entitled to use the Institute initials.

If you take up transitional membership, you must arrange a mentor to guide and support you or we can help find a mentor for you while completing your NZIBS Career Pathway to becoming a NZIBS Registered Member.

NZIBS Mentoring Workshop Programme 2017

If you have any questions in relation to NZIBS membership please ring Ph: 0800 11 34 00, option 3 or 4 or via