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Membership Benefits

Like all industry trade membership associations, they offer several benefits. In our case, these benefits can be categorised under several headings, the basis of which are formed from our objectives.

The Institute is committed to ensuring its members meet the highest professional standards and the most stringent ethical behaviour. As such, all members shall conduct themselves with a professionalism which exhibits the Institute’s ideals such as; honesty and integrity, transparency and responsibility, and fairness and respect.

NZIBS  Vision and Values

  • Trust – forms the basis of working together. We value authentic connections and see the development of trusted communities at the core of our work
  • Courage – it takes courage to pioneer new solutions for industry. We challenge ourselves to go beyond established ways of thinking and hold each other accountable to deliver on our ambitions
  • Collaboration – is at the heart of solving the issues of our time. We welcome diversity and partner with like-minded organizations to make a meaningful difference.

Industry Promotion

NZIBS professional members have a vital interest each day promoting the NZIBS ethics and standards. In turn the Institute aims to promote and speak on the members behalf. For example;

  • NZCIC representation
  • Regular meetings are held with MBIE in relation to discussion around relevant building Acts and Regulations
  • Launch of the NZIBS Diploma in Building Surveying ISO9001:2008 with up to date training course content
  • CPD industry training

Further opportunities are regularly explored where we can assist NZIBS members or the promotion of the institute.

On behalf of members, NZIBS sends in regular submissions before Parliament, if relevant to changes in building regulations or relevant to NZIBS members or the institute.


All members receive an internal member’s newsletter, which is published on a monthly basis. This is sent to the email address the member registered with. A public external newsletter is also published on a monthly basis.

For our students, transitional members and those who have a close interest to NZIBS training, a training and events newsletter is published mid-month.

Each publication provides information on local CPD activities, presentations and site visits throughout the year to keep members aware of industry developments.


Student or Transitional Membership

The Institute has appointed a membership and a training sub-committee which assists with the development of the training and membership.

The NZIBS Student membership is at no cost for the duration of their study, where they are not working in full time employment. The Transitional membership is $550.00 + GST, pa for those who are in full time employment.  Within most building surveying companies, this fee is often refunded as part of your employment. Membership with the NZIBS is about the individual seeking professional recognition and being able to take that to other organisations.

We do not offer company, franchise or group membership.

Awards and Scholarships

At the NZIBS Annual Conference Gala Awards Dinner in September, we offer three special categories of Awards; NZIBS Innovation in Building Surveying, NZIBS Best in Class and the NZIBS Service Recognition Award. These special Awards are where we recognise individuals or team effort within the Building Surveying industry. The NZIBS Registered member certificate is presented to new members at these awards, and in 2017 the presentation of the new NZIBS Diploma in Building Surveying ISO9001:2008 will be awarded to those individuals who have completed their NZIBS Core Module training under the accreditation.

Student Awards are where we celebrate those who have excelled in the academic year. We offer a NZIBS Best in Class award which recognises an individual who has excelled in their exam marks, attitude and commitment to each training course and who has completed all ten modules and passed each exam within the academic year (September – August).

In 2017 NZIBS will offer a Core Module training course scholarship, which will cover the full cost of the Core Module training registration fee, for Core Modules 1 – 10. Applications will open to those who wish to apply for the scholarship in June 2017. The winner of the scholarship will be presented at the 2017 NZIBS Annual Conference Gala Awards Dinner as part of our contribution to developing careers in the building construction industry.

NZIBS works closely and in cooperation with New Zealand tertiary institutions and other industry associations such as NZIA, NZIOB, NZIQS, ADNZ and BRANZ.

Networking, Events and Sponsors

Additionally, regular networking functions are held three times a year in four main centres; Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch. We run two large events in the year, the March Training Day in Auckland and the Annual Conference and AGM in September. The location of our Annual Conference changes each year and during the conference we run extra activities such as the NZIBS Annual Golf Tournament. Occasionally we run sponsored workshops and Sponsor Quiz nights.
We have several member CPD events over the course of the year which you are welcome to come along to. These events cost nothing to attend and provide good information and a chance to meet your colleagues in the industry. These events are posted on our website and will be emailed through to you.

We also provide a NZIBS CPD training programme, through our relationship with Vertical Horizonz, to access further information on this, please refer to our website. This gives you a broader range of options for continuing your professional development.

Our sponsors provide fabulous support, where they actively attend and network at the March Training Day and the Annual Conference each year. They also provide regular articles which is provided in our monthly publications.

All CPD activities attract CPD points. 1 hour = 1 CPD point.

Chapter Committee in your local area

The Institute’s members are spread around NZ and are a close knit organisation. An initiative for 2017 is the promotion of more local autonomy allowing members establish new local chapter networks. The Chapter co-ordinator works with both new members and existing, to help establish networks, promote CPD Events that are designed to mix professional development with technical knowledge and assist the public looking for a NZIBS registered member in their area.

Membership Privileges

Members receive annually their practicing certificates after completion of CPD and declaration, and after payment of annual fees.

With this also comes the Membership Discount Card, permitting discounts from retailers such as; Bunnings, Noel Leemings and Office Max.