Message from the President

//Message from the President

Message from the President


A complete room full of what seemed to be extremely busy building surveyors gathered on the 29th at the Novotel at Auckland airport in the wake of the upcoming March training day.

Fire! Is on our mind. A CPD event first up, 101, a one-day course. We have to get this going but organising this is time consuming you see. There is more: Façade engineering for building surveyors, another CPD event we want to run, probably in the morning as a breakfast event, on several days throughout the country.

COA: Certificates of Acceptance and the 95a problem. How do you deal with this competently? What’s the process? Darryl is working on this all the time, so we put his hand up to prepare another CPD event. More may grow out of this.

Pre-purchase template from Darin. He is working on a method to convey to everyone how to properly conduct pre-purchase inspections. This begins with an admin template and leads into pre-purchase processes, including the government’s Healthy Home minimum requirements. This template is meant to be a free resource for members. It started out in cooperation with HOBANZ, who have a keen interest in well conducted pre-purchase reports.

Tailored training courses for larger groups. We have been approached by MoE to provide some of our training courses for them. We had a look at this and are currently developing a plan about how to offer our training courses for institutions. We can do this from about 10 people onwards for a better rate and deliver the courses the institutions are interested in. This would help us spread the word about the Institute and our members’ skills, and help institutions like councils an government institutions to better understand issues and the right way to approach things.

This leads to a bigger issue, the review and continuous development of our training. We really noted that this is a huge task. Warren Nevill came in at 10am to help out with the revision of the training and how to resolve our current issues.

Yes, we are a member institute and want to look after our members, young and old, working in large organisations, smaller ones, and members working on their own. And the best way of doing this is to get the members to mix and mingle, keep up their continuous up-skilling with CPD and training courses.

After a few months of consolidating our courses and having them up and running fairly smoothly without Sally, some hiccups still have to be resolved.

We are now starting to think about our future training needs and development, and the changes and updates we want to make. The goal is to remain at the front of the training providers, the go-to place where building surveyors get the best possible training in the country and where other institutions send their people.

We also have to sort out our current knowledge gap and our relationship with ‘Vertical Horizons’, the training auditor who keeps us on the ISO level. There is a lot of administrative stuff going on since Sally’s departure that we have to tackle. Warren and Noeline will attack this.

Noeline reiterated that our Diploma and also the Certificate in Residential Building Inspection is a big draw card for external people to take up our training. Darin reminded us that our courses are part of a larger pathway of becoming a registered building surveyor. You need practical exposure to the work, mentoring and full involvement in the industry. But we very much welcome everyone from the wider industry to take advantage of our courses. We also need to further consider university courses. The industry, our firms, need graduates, new people, as companies are extremely busy. It would be very good if we had some home grown talent coming through varsity.

What are we all doing, what are we all working on? Where would our members and new members want to be trained in? Passive fire? QA on new builds? Due diligence? Leases? Historic buildings? Property development?

We’ll sort out the administrative issues and will meet in a while with the Training Committee to do a bit of future planning.

Big praise for Sarah Pugh who has stepped in to assist with a lot of tasks around the organisation of the training modules and the mid-term conference that formerly were managed by Sally. We are discussing how we want to deal with the role of a new General Manager for the Institute and which tasks we would want a person in that position to take up. We will, for the time being, resolve this with Sarah and Warren involved in training and preparation of events.

Ethics review – they are actually really good.

We took some time to discuss the Experienced Professional Membership route. There is a clear pathway for very experienced people in our field to become members without running through the modules. There is a high threshold and a final interview will be conducted after the Executive decides that the person is suitably qualified to proceed to the interview. We noted this pathway needs a better description on our website.

That’s it from me, until next time.