Words from the President

//Words from the President

Words from the President

As the newly appointed president, I look forward to continuing the growth and development of the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors (NZIBS).

My thanks go out to those NZIBS members who have contributed to the running of NZIBS over the last 24 years since our membership organisation was established.

Stepping across the line from member to executive member is something we are encouraged to do.

Those of us that get passed the batten have a responsibility to represent the Institutes stakeholders.

We also have a responsibility to govern in line with the objectives of the Institutes rules, with purpose and direction.

Over the last 12 months, the executive has been in review and restructure mode.

Darin as president instigated a ‘blue sky’ meeting to explore where the institute is currently at and to identify our goals for the years to come, and there are some changes to be made.

To allow the executive to govern efficiently, we will be investing in our operational systems and the management of the many activities required to serve our stakeholders.

The executive size will remain as nine and will comprise a senior leadership team of past president, president, vice president and finance officer.

For efficient reporting and delivery, five sub-committees will be chaired by selected executive members. Committees will include finance, training, marketing, membership and technical.

As president, I will ensure the executive members understand their roles and responsibilities and what performance goals and targets are expected.

For the last four years the day to day operational focus has been the responsibility of our GM, Sally Dunbar.

We are all very sad to see Sally depart and we wish her the very best of luck in her future endeavours.

The new executives first task will be to appoint Sally’s replacement. Not an easy task but essential to ensure that we maintain the managerial and operational efficiencies we have enjoyed during Sally’s tenure.

Noeline will continue in her role as secretary, and as ever, diligently perform the various secretarial functions.

Putting in place the above robust leadership and management systems will allow the Institute to deliver on the key objectives, established by our founders back in 1994, and as adjusted during our 2018 AGM.

Collectively, we can really influence the property and construction industry in New Zealand, individually, we all have a responsibility to raise the Institute’s profile.

I welcome your thoughts and views on how we can continue to improve as we meet up along the way.