NZIBS training more than just a qualification

//NZIBS training more than just a qualification

NZIBS training more than just a qualification

For the owner of the Hutt Valley NZ House Surveys franchise, Tim Mellsop, the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveys (NZIBS) training has increased his confidence in his already established skillset, while exposing him to a range of others.

“Before I took part in NZIBS training, there were areas I doubted myself in. However, now I’ve come out the other end, I realise that I can be confident in my skills and development.”

Mr Mellsop’s role currently focuses on pre-purchase inspections, but his prior experience isn’t what you would expect.

“Most pre-purchase inspectors are qualified builders. That’s not the same with me.

“I’ve worked in joinery and cabinet making, among other things, but I spent biggest part of my working life in the police.

“So, I felt like I had the skills to do the job, but I wasn’t specifically qualified. That’s what drew me to NZIBS training.”

Mr Mellsop found the training online and had been told by others in the industry that NZIBS is a high-quality organisation.

“The training was an avenue for me to gain that qualification, understand where I was at and recognise areas to improve.

“As I got into the training, I realised there were modules that were familiar and felt native to me, while other people were struggling, and vice versa. I’ve also learnt there are not many people wholly proficient in every facet, and we all have different areas of strength that’s why the training is so important.”

Mr Mellsop says the training continues to benefit him outside the classroom.

“Through the training, I’ve met a variety of people with different skills that I can leverage when need be.”

For Mr Mellsop, gaining an NZIBS qualification has been beneficial, as it provides assurance for his customers that he knows what he is doing, and can provide a reliable service.

The former policeman turned building inspector completed his training certificate last year, and the diploma programme earlier this year.

He is currently a transitional member of the Institute, and is undergoing the NZIBS mentor training programme, to apply for full membership.

“Coming out of the NZIBS training, I am confident I can hold my head up and work to a high standard.”