Like a fine wine, NZIBS membership gets better with age

//Like a fine wine, NZIBS membership gets better with age

Like a fine wine, NZIBS membership gets better with age

Dirk Stahlhut joined the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors (NZIBS) to get a better grip on the building surveying role.

And as his time with the Institute has grown, so has his impact back on the Institute.

“When I first joined NZIBS 9 years ago, the Institute helped to fill in my gaps in knowledge to become a good building surveyor. Now, I’ve been able to assist the Institute.”

The registered building surveyor at Prendos test-trialled the Institute’s new ethics module, which is now compulsory for every member.

“The ethics module is enabling the Institute and its members to strive for further excellence in our role as building surveyors.

“It’s about raising the bar in the industry, and for the NZIBS membership in general,” he says.

According to Dr Stahlhut, the ethics module reinforces what building surveyors naturally do, while encouraging members to think outside the square and abide by their professional rules of conduct and moral principles when engaging with their clients.

“It’s important in everyone’s career to think about the ethics of the role and to implement them in your day-to-day work.”

As a result, clients get honest and upfront advice: “Nothing is hidden,” he says.

Dr Stahlhut has also made new industry contacts while having an active role in the NZIBS Conference organizing committee.

“I was involved in finding speakers around this year’s exciting ‘Middle Earth Topic’ of Geothermal, Acidity and Corrosion, which allowed me to create new contacts for both the Institute and I.”

It was during this time that Dr Stahlhut noted how highly regarded NZIBS membership is in the industry today.

“Being part of NZIBS is recognised by a lot of industry players, this is incredibly beneficial from a business perspective.”