Words from the President

//Words from the President

Words from the President

The talk in the building industry is commonly revolving around an up and coming building boom and a skills shortage in the industry.

This isn’t exactly the combination of issues New Zealanders would be hoping for, but for the go-getters out there, this is a real opportunity surfacing.

At a recent Master Builders “constructive” forum, there was a lot of talk about the issues facing the New Zealand building industry.  In fact, the first session was a bit gloomy, as building industry leaders shared the challenges they face.

Businesses in construction would like long term confidence, so they can invest in training and development to address the looming challenges of large scale projects, such as Kiwibuild and the expected skill shortages in the industry.

Offshore solutions are being considered by the government, such as prefabricated buildings and importing skilled labour.

Skills shortage featured in many of the speakers’ topics throughout the day.  It seems from the statistics they provided, the building industry is not “attractive” to school leavers.

It’s not at the bottom of the list, but only around 2.5 per cent of school leavers go into an apprenticeship. However, out of all the trades, building is at the top of the list.

The Construction Industry Council want to provide a “snazzy shop front window” for school leavers to make the industry more attractive.

Young people love technology, so the “BIM” world is a window kids will be keen to look into.

The talk of BIM at the forum was in-depth, and the future is to build it first in digital and then physically build it again.

This creates efficiency by planning, and contractors knowing what to expect when it comes to the actual building process.

The New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors have our own conference this year on the 27th – 29th September in Rotorua.  Registration is still open until 1st September.  Visit the NZIBS website to register.  We hope to see you there.