NZIBS membership, a platform to learn and teach

//NZIBS membership, a platform to learn and teach

NZIBS membership, a platform to learn and teach


Membership with the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors (NZIBS) provides the opportunity for those in the industry to give and receive knowledge.

Maynard Marks Director, Simon Paykel, started his working career as a tradesperson and after returning from an overseas stint, he started using his head instead of his hands.

Mr Paykel spent three years with the city council in the compliance field before making his way to team leader. From there, he immersed himself into building surveying and property consultancy 12 years ago.

It was during this transition, he met NZIBS members and decided it was an Institute he wanted to be part of.

“NZIBS members are a collection of varied people with different knowledge, skill sets, and experiences,” he says.

“As a result, there is the ability to resource knowledge amongst peers, and tap into their experiences of the industry here or abroad.”

When Mr Paykel first got involved in the industry, weathertightness was a significant issue, with the recently established Weathertight Homes Tribunal Act and proposed changes to Building Code Acceptable Solutions.

Training was provided by senior members through the NZIBS training modules as well as external consultants.

“The collective knowledge within the Institute is not limited to weathertightness and as time has passed, I’ve had the opportunity to provide training in asbestos regulations to fellow members.

“This demonstrates how everyone in the Institute has a part to play in different ways. It goes full circle.”

Mr Paykel become a registered member over 10 years ago and continues to learn.

“NZIBS really facilitates that process through training modules, networking, and regular CPD events.”

Over the years, Mr Paykel’s membership with NZIBS has also benefitted his clients.

“NZIBS members abide by a code of ethics, and we are judged among peers as competent experts in the field.  So, when clients see that I am an NZIBS member, they have that added level of confidence in my work.”