Integration and trust are some of the key benefits of NZIBS membership

//Integration and trust are some of the key benefits of NZIBS membership

Integration and trust are some of the key benefits of NZIBS membership


Fresh off the boat, UK building surveyor, Richard Cakar, has been integrated into the New Zealand building surveying community and has gained a new level of respect from his clients, thanks to his membership of the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors (NZIBS).

“It is apparent there is a real need for building surveyors in New Zealand. Building surveyors are definitely valued here and it is a very good profession to be a part of.”

Richard arrived in New Zealand two years ago, and is a building surveyor for Kaizon on the North Shore. Kaizon’s proactive attitude to training gave Richard his introduction to NZIBS and helped him realise his goals of becoming a member.

“The main reason for becoming an NZIBS member was to get inside knowledge of the New Zealand building surveying industry, and to get an understanding of the quirks and aspects that differ to the UK.”

Richard became a transitional NZIBS member in February 2016, and became a fully registered member in August this year. Since then, he has had more inquiries from perspective clients than he did before his membership.

“Not only does the NZIBS membership give you recognition, but it also instils trust for your clients, and reassures them that you are reliable and know what you’re doing.

“Building surveyors work in an industry where the stakes are high, and being a member of a highly regarded Institute shows that you are competent and that you appreciate that.

“It’s not just commercial properties that are high stakes; when you are dealing with residential properties, you are dealing with people’s hard-earned money, it is quite a big deal.”

In an industry that is constantly evolving, Richard says that NZIBS does its best to keep up with the pace.

“The Institute is very active and continues to offer CPD events. They maintain relevance and update their members on how the industry is progressing.

“As a member, you are part of a community of building surveyors and you share experiences. This is a huge benefit of being a member of NZIBS, and I couldn’t recommend it to others coming from overseas enough.”