NZIBS training ‘pays for itself’

//NZIBS training ‘pays for itself’

NZIBS training ‘pays for itself’


You never stop learning, according to Brendon Sylvia, who after a 22-year long career in the building and construction industry has afforded sufficient specialist experience.

Nevertheless, to further develop that sound industry knowledge, Brendon undertook the NZ Institute of Building Surveyor (NZIBS) Core Module Training Programme.

He began in June last year, ticking off six of the 10 modules. He says taking advantage of the comprehensive training has already “paid for itself”.

“The Institute’s training modules were impressively comprehensive; it gave me a better understanding of the industry and the high-quality tasks that you can undertake.

“I refer to the textbooks every now and again, which sit behind my desk, if I can’t immediately recall the information. They are all marked with the most important details.

“As a technical advisor within the insurance industry, I must ensure I’m always providing my employer correct and professional advice. I was comfortable in doing that before the training, but am even more so now.”

Brendon credits the Institute for the training’s format, employing specialists of a particular field to impart their industry know-how and experience.

For example, Robin Wakeling and Rosemary Killip are two such experts; giving trainees an insight into decay, fungi and moulds, and the Building Act Regime respectively.

“Not only are the modules extensive in its ability to cover a wide range of topics, but it’s also enjoyable.

“From identifying ‘x, y and z’ and ensuring you can write astute reports, to breaking down problems into its individual components to competently develop a solution.”

Brendon will finish the last four of the NIZBS 10 modules later this year.

“If you haven’t signed up or haven’t completed the modules yet, I highly recommend you do. It’s worthwhile and benefits both you and the service you provide.”