NZIBS training opens door on new professional opportunities

//NZIBS training opens door on new professional opportunities

NZIBS training opens door on new professional opportunities


Kavisha Singh’s passion for buildings lead her to study a Master in Architecture at the University of Auckland.

However, it was her desire to learn the ‘nitty-gritty’ of what is entailed beyond a building’s design that drove her to the NZ Institute of Building Surveyors (NZIBS).

Having recently joined consultancy firm Babbage Consultants, she also undertook the next step in fulfilling her wish to become a professional building surveyor.

Kavisha attended two components of the Institute’s comprehensive Core Module Training Programme to expand her industry knowledge.

Those two modules gave her a great insight into what is to come, she says.

“Modules one and two were quite overwhelming, in that I thought I had a fair grasp on the aspects of a building’s makeup and the Building Act and Building Code requirements,” she says.

“But, unlike architecture, the presenters provided a very technical side; what materials are superior, how they react to certain elements, necessary research and sources of information, undertaking the investigation, reporting of evidence and preparation for a hearing.

“So, there was a lot to take in, but I thoroughly enjoyed.”

While she admits to being new to the building surveying industry, she was comforted by the breadth of experience in the classroom.

“It wasn’t just for newbies like me; there were professionals there with 20, 30 years’ experience looking to refresh their knowledge. It was encouraging to see.”

But it wasn’t just the learning opportunities that Kavisha thought gave the Institute’s training an advantage over similar industry bodies’ programmes.

“Networking with fellow colleagues in the industry was hugely important, and is already benefiting me today.

“Should I ever need advice, or a second opinion, from someone with far great experience, I can just ring them at a moment’s notice.”